General Pest Control

Pest control Montgomery, spring, Conroe, the woodlands, willis

Roaches, Spiders, Ants....   The pesticide we use kills over 75 insects.

Rodent Removal and Prevention


Whether you have a rodent infestation problem or you want to wisely take preventative action to prevent one, contact Stull Pest Control.  

Our technicians will conduct a thorough site inspection, identify trouble spots and use their training and experience to create a customized rodent control plan that will get results. 

Termite Inspections


Are you sure your home is termite free?  Termites can go undetected for years, causing severe damage to the structure of a home.  Our professional inspectors can make sure your home is termite free.

Termite Prevention with Guarantee


Ask about our termite suppression treatment that comes with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY.  

Lawn and Garden


From mosquitos to fire ants, we provide professional solutions for all your lawn and garden pest problems.

Commercial Services


Don't let pest problems affect your business!  We offer pest solutions for all commercial properties.